Monday, March 15, 2010

Peacock Love

Thanks so much to "Beautiful Today" for posting about my peacock shirt. Check out all the other fabulous peacock finds below.

1. Peacock...The Rose Bower... ACEO Giclee Print by CafeBaudelaire
2.French Mannequin...Peacock Bustle... Petite Giclee Collage Print again by CafeBaudelaire (Isn't the whole shop absolutely fabulous?)
3.Peacock Littles - SMALL Peacock Feather Earrings - Naturally Molted by Intrinsic Imagination (I've seen quite a lot of these around in stores online and phisical... Still have to decide and buy a pair...). (Btw this shop offers very unique feather false eyelashes. For a special night... Look at these or these!)
4.Penelope Eye Peacock Feather Headband by KAANG (This is to die for! I want one of these! All the KAANG hair accessories are that kind of piece that will make a statement alone, even if you're wearing just basic jeans and t-shirt).
5.Pretty and SOFT peacock tshirt in teal and ivory by Megan Lee Designs (Love the way the bird wraps the body and the fact that it's sleeping). paon sequined necklace by White Owl (Curious and cute...)
7.The Opulent Peacock - Teal Glass Pendant Necklace with Antiqued Copper by Shy Siren

Friday, March 12, 2010

Megan Lee Designs News

I just wanted to invite you to come out tomorrow to the Bottle in Chicago for some casual shopping, drinking, eating, and music. Spring is TRYING to get here, so instead of nesting at home, come on out, try an Empty Bottle bloody mary, and get yourself something pretty. I'll be hanging out by the photo booth.

I'll still have a lot of things on sale from last season, and a few new spring items that will be on display for the first time.

If you're not in Chicago, my Etsy shop is constantly being updated and I'll be traveling the US this spring/summer to Austin, TX, Brooklyn and Indianapolis, along with the regular Chicago round-up.

ONE LAST THING - Become my Fan on Facebook and be eligible for Giveaways, Exclusive Sales, and more. If I reach 1000 fans by April 30, I will send a 20% off coupon to ALL of my facebook fans. So, tell your friends, and you will all win!

Thanks again for being awesome!

- Megan

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