Thursday, July 8, 2010

Megan Lee Designs at West Fest & Pitchfork

Hey there,

This year has flown by - I can't believe its been a year since the last West Fest and Pitchfork!! These are two of my favorite shows because everyone is out and ready to have a good time. We will be CERTAINLY ready for a good time this weekend because we are moving to Berwyn this Friday (we got a house!) and then doing the West Fest show the next two days. Ah, the life of a crafter. Then, the next weekend is Pitchfork/Coterie on Friday - Sunday. Some things to look for in my booth: manta rays, dachshunds riding unicycles, new "IL love you forever" Illinois t-shirt, whooping crane tunic & t-shirt, pug t-shirt & tote, new style of peacock dress, seahorses...the list goes on! Oh, and LOTS of sale items...

West Fest
Booth 36 - South side of Chicago Ave. between Wolcott and Wood
Saturday and Sunday from noon - 10pm (July 10-11)

Pitchfork Mustic Festival / Coterie Chicago
I'll be in the big white tent along with the record fair near the back of the festival
Friday, Saturday & Sunday (July 16-18)

And last, but not least, my new website is finally live. I have a shop and lots of info about where to find me in stores, etc. Its pretty new, so if anything seems wonky feel free to drop me a line about it and I'll fix it right away.

I've had fun this year traveling the country for some great shows, but I'm glad to be back in Chicago for a few summer months and selling to all of my favorite Chicagoans. Hope to see you one of the next two weekends!

- Megan (designer, maker, jack-of-all-trades.), Erik (inventory nazi & booth helper) & Heika (cute inspiration)


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