Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coterie and Pitchfork

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at Pitchfork. Can you say great people watching? The hipsters were out in full effect :) I met people who came from all over the county, and my favorite Canadians from Winnepeg! Thanks to Coterie for putting on a great show. Check out the photos for some of my favorite vendors / purchases.

Erik (the husband) in his t-rex t-shirt.

Look Mom, its my booth!

Dress rack

Super fun new vendor - Eyesore, custom, unique eye patches. So, I had to buy one.

I'd like to think so, and thanks to Rar-rar Press I can tell the world.

So awesome - a new onesie design from "Rhymes with Twee" - I love her stuff!

And speaking of love, Pockit-palz does it again...I want this guy so bad! But first, I need a room for him.

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Leigh K. said...

Excellent stuff! I still need to do a recap post since it's been so long since I've blogged. Let's meet up soon Megan!